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Best in pdf class All tools make

Best in pdf class All tools make

Etechsoftsolutions ePublishing allows writers to translate books into their desired format in order to improve platform-wide interactivity, flexibility and usability.
Various Input Formats: ePublishing has the ability to convert various forms of information formats which making it easy to use: Etechsoftsolutions

  • InDesign, PDF and eBooks Quark
  • Convert eBook with Hard Copy
  • XML migration
  • Handwriting, typing, document and Text files Migration
  • Each main reader is compatible:

  • Each main reader is compatible:
    Overdrive, Usb; Apple, Kobo, ePub3; Web, Samsung and Ios. Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Page Perfect PDF for Barnes & Noble NOOK, as well as Nook Kids ePIB which support the interactivity of Nook Color Your work is translated to the highest publication quality: Integration of ePub3 audio and video files with HTML5 for enhancement of eBooks, reading aloud and multimedia books
    Connect movement effects by using CSS3
    There is inclusion with immersive drills, puzzles, challenges, flashcards, etc.
    Creation of fixed layout eBooks
    Enable eBooks online
    Multilingual eBooks

    eBook engineering workflow

    The Etechsoftsolutions ePublishing focuses the XML process first. Local streaming and backlists as needed, and print-to-download books as appropriate across the formats and genres Checking on different devices — Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc., to test usability and capabilities, and implement changes and resolving more complaints.

    pdf conversion
    Check out HTML5 / ePub3 web reading

    Check out HTML5 / ePub3 web reading

    EPub 's implementation for the semi-enhanced development of ePub for immersive eTextbooks and other learning material Coupled with HTML5 and CSS3 ePub 3 for responsive distribution Fixed interface (Enhanced / Multimedia / Lecture-Aloud) EPub for information-rich rendering of ePub packages and validations of new, ePub3, built to effectively reflect graphic specifics across sizes and orientations. Access to cross-platform Amazon , Apple and Barnes & Noble apps

    WCAG 2.1 Recognition in compliance

    WCAG 2.1 Recognition in compliance

    Etechsoftsolutions ePublisher uses specialized technology for the creation of specialist KF8 eBooks for text heavy titles in any reflow format, for children's illustration books, for comic and multimedia novels, for specific interface types, and for the Kindle variants of the audio or video type.
    Proper orientation, line distance, clear colours, margin, logic, border and design, embedded fonts, searchability, portable SVG graphics, floating elements as side bars, callouts, boxed text and text wrapping images as well as meta-data and alternative text are part of any KF8 digital products.
    By adding rich media content from other sources, we can improve your eBook and add evaluations, exercises, multimedia lecture notes and other personalized content to your course textbook. The Kindle Publishing Principles are common to our staff and can quickly help you boost your digital transformation and market agility.

    What is dealing with 508?

    What is dealing with 508?

    Etechsoftsolutions ePublishing will excel in handling the material to generate eBooks in a variety of foreign languages through our multi-lingual eBook Production services. Our team of developers, programmers, conversion and language experts help customers to change and upgrade content for all types of readers-be it text, audio or visual data. EBooks are written in different languages, such as German, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch, Italian and others.


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